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10 . 21 . 2016

New Joined Sakura.
I'm still updating this site very slowly. I've been tweaking a layout to put up here for the last few weeks. I'm finally tired of the constantly rotating theme and will be putting these colors to rest for a while.

12 . 07 . 2015

New Joined Elite Trainer.

07 . 18 . 2014

New Joined Reveries's prejoin~

06 . 08 . 2014

New Joined Charm's prejoin~ Going to be slow updating/replying for the summer. Please give me a week before rejecting trade requests! Thanks!

04 . 29 . 2014

Quit I've left Overdrive; not because it wasn't fun, or because of anything the owner did/didn't do... but because I'm really not interested in video games like I once was. :( I usually get depressed and bored when I only know a what a handful of decks are from a tcg. It's why I left Rapture and that's a tcg where I loved the beautiful cards... x_x;;;

02 . 26 . 2014

NEW LAYOUT!!! It's been a while since I had a new layout up on here. Sorry about that! I tend to pick a layout I like, edit it to suit my liking and then sit on it and never, ever, change it again. ♥
This is the first layout that I coded on my own in a long time... damn near since the time of geocities! This layout is comprised of 5 headers and the stylesheets change to match them. Such a great effect for such a small easy little javascript code.
I missed having an update page, even though I'm notoriously bad about updating it... ^^; Nothing new to report about the site other than the new layout!